What is a Keyword?

Key With Keywords Text by Stuart Miles and freedigitalphotos.net
If you have been blogging for a while you may have hear the term “keyword”. But many people do not know what it is and how it relates to blogging. To start to explain what a keyword is, I usually tell people to think about how they search for things on the internet. If you are looking for a recipe online, you probably include some type of descriptive word to narrow down your search. You would not just type in recipe. Maybe you are looking for a Soup Recipe. Or maybe it is actually a Vegetarian Soup Recipe. A keyword or a group of keywords (also known as a key phrase), would be in this instance, vegetarian soup recipe or soup recipe, although that is still pretty vague for good results.

Dialing down the search parameters to get the results you are looking for is really what a keyword will do for you in a search engine. It will also hep to bring traffic to your site if you are including a keyword or keyphrase in your articles.

Now, it is not guaranteed that you will get traffic, but using keywords does help the search engines know what the article is about and can help direct people to the answer for their search. Using keywords has become very important in most blogging scenarios. People want to know something about you, your business or your product. Using the proper keywords can be helpful in bringing those readers to your site.

This introductory post helps you to understand the word. next we will look at how to use a keyword in a blog post or article and how to find the keywords too.

Stay tuned!

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