How Google Helps Your Website SEO

I talk a lot about SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, because there are certain portions of the practice that every business owner needs to use to make their website rank in the search engine results better. After all, we want to get the most out of our websites and by being able to use a few methods used in SEO, your site and results can only be better for it.

Google actually has many tips and tricks that you can use to optimize your website. One of their websites is called Webmaster Tools. This is where you can find in-depth assistance for improving your site presence on the internet.

However, there are a few quick and easy ways that Google can help you right now. Take a look at these three options.

How Google Helps Your Website SEO

How Google Helps Your Website SEO

I’m sure you’ve noticed the drop-down phrases that show up as you start typing in the search engine box when looking for a product or information. Those phrases are actually popular searches that people have done for similar information. You can use those phrases within the body of an article or somewhere on your website for improvement with the search results for that phrase. See the example below:

How Google Helps Your Website SEO - google searches

Also located on the Google results page are alternate searches and phrases that have been used by other people. So when you get the results from your initial search, if you go to the very bottom of that page, you will see some suggestions. These are also a great way to add some SEO keywords to your website, if used the way I mentioned above. Example below: (pssst- recognize anyone there? Cool!)

How Google Helps Your Website SEO - google releated searches

I mentioned Webmaster Tools already. That site is loaded with tips and information, as I said. But they also offer a free resource called Google Analytics which gives you information on the visitors from your site. You can find information such as keywords visitors used coming in, age group, exit pages, and so much more.

These resources are highly valuable for any business owner and website owner to use. Foremost they are free and simple. Plus, these resources are a great way to get start adding some relevant keywords to your site. Next time you use a search engine, take time to see how Google helps your website SEO.

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