4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing

I work a lot with small business owners that have a storefront. They’re finding themselves in the uncomfortable situation where online business is now becoming the norm. The Main Street brick-and-mortar is finding it difficult to compete since they are behind the eight ball in terms of marketing online.

I also hear a lot of the frustration about marketing online from both local business owners and online business owners because they don’t understand how it can work for them. It turns out many of them don’t have the necessary tools set up so they can market effectively to drive business and compete online.

There are some must-have tools that you will need to make it work. So let’s talk about the four cornerstones to effective online marketing.

4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing - ConnectingLocalBusiness.com

4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing


Every business needs to start with the website. This is the fundamental beginning to any type of online marketing, contact, and sales. All business on the Internet will circle around your website. Your website needs to be SEO friendly as well as mobile friendly for the best results.


Many people disagree about the fact that a blog connected to your website is a critical cornerstone of online business. But what a blog does is allow you to create fresh content on a daily or weekly basis that is speaking directly to your target market. It allows you to then share that information. Plus it acts as a catalyst for the search engines, if your SEO is done properly. They want fresh content continually!

Social Media

Social media is an extension of our website and the conversations we have with our target market. You can take fresh content that you have shared on your website and blog then share it to your social media channels. You can converse easily with people and potential customers. You get to know them and they get to know who you are both as a business and personally.

Email List

A critical component in the cornerstones is your list. An email list allows you to speak directly to those that are interested in your business and that want to know what’s going on on a daily or weekly basis. You can teach, inform and drive sales easily through your email list because people already trust you and want to know what’s new and exciting.

THe Cycles of the 4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing - ConnectingLocaBusiness.com

These four cornerstones work together to help you create a solid and effective marketing plan. One should not work without the other. They are in fact like a circle.

The website drives the marketing list. The blog helps to drive social media. Social media points back to the website to continually fill the email list.

So if you don’t know where to start, I can help. We can start with a plan to get these for cornerstone stones in place and start driving your online marketing. Let’s talk today to get your business on track!

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