15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year

We’re getting ready to enter new year and chances are you are probably sitting down to plan how your business will change and evolve. Maybe you noticed that things have gotten stale or off track. Maybe you need some more energy and direction.

It’s not uncommon for a business to go through ups and downs. Whether it is due to a lack of focus for you or you may have kind of lost your drive and passion. Don’t stress. It happens. The good thing is there are ways you can find that passion again and re-energize your business.

Take a look at some of these tips as you’re doing your planning for the new year. What can you implement to make a difference?

15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year - Connecting Local Business

15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year

  • Make a list of past clients and check in with them
  • Book a seminar
  • Buy a motivational business book, read it, and institute a change
  • Re-read and review your original business plan
  • Review last year goals and institute a project
  • Find a networking group or mixer to attend
  • Book an hour with a coach
  • Connect with a mentor and evaluate your goals
  • Refresh your website
  • Take a class and improve your skills
  • Add a new service to your business your clients need
  • Connect with other small business owners and form a referral group
  • Evaluate your competitors to see what they’re doing well or not so great
  • Ask current clients to evaluate your business and service
  • Take a three day vacation and do some soul-searching for more direction

There are many different ways to invigorate your business again. These 15 ideas are often thought of but not often implemented. We tend to just go on about our business day in and day out.

Sometimes that’s old and boring and that’s why we get stale in our business. Do something out of the ordinary and have fun. That’s on my agenda for the new year.

If you need help instituting new processes for your content marketing or social media, I can help. Lets’s talk.

30 Experts: Ways To Get More Twitter Followers In 2017

Every business wants and needs followers. Social media has become a huge portion of our marketing methods. Twitter has been a valuable tool for millions of small businesses all over the world. If you are new to Twitter or need help revamping your account, I have some tips for you.

I was asked to participate in a expert round up by fellow small business owner, Jason Chow of Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Click on the link below for the 30 tips to get your account the growth and influence it needs.

Here is my addition to the mix.

30 Experts: Ways To Get More Twitter Followers In 2017

30 Experts: Ways To Get More Twitter Followers In 2017

Article written by: Jason Chow

30 Experts Ways to Get More Twitter Followers in 2017

Chris Carroll

Site: ConnectingLocalBusiness

Chris Carroll, a social media manager and a book lover, likes our topic. “Great topic and something I continue to research even as a non-newbie.”

She is using multiple methods to grow her twitter followers over time. Carroll offers a simple 3 step plan:

1. Consistently offering valued tweets that speak to my followers.
2. Following and interacting with those in my industry.
3. Researching and using hashtags that find others who interact and engage.

Carroll emphasizes that method number 1 is the most important. “For someone just starting, these methods are tried and true. In my opinion [method 1], since people want to follow others that offer something they want to learn and is of value.

“Value becomes trust and trust leads to clicks and ultimately, a conversion of some sort,” she added.

30 Experts: Ways To Get More Twitter Followers In 2017

Do you use Twitter in your marketing plan? What methods have you found work best for growing your followers and conversions?

7 Tricks for Increasing Traffic with Social Media

Social media is taking the world by storm. As a business owner, you need to be visible on social media on a regular basis. Some of the statistics are incredible. In terms of engagement and growth, Facebook is leading the pack. With 76% of users checking their site daily, the Global Social Media research summary for 2017 is eye-opening to say the least.

If you need help growing your traffic using social media, or are just nor sure what you should be doing, here are 7 tricks, tips and techniques that are proven to increase the amount of traffic you get from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media sites.

Easy and effective, you just need a plan.

7 Tricks for Increasing Traffic with Social Media

7 Tricks for Increasing Traffic with Social Media

1 – Automate the Process

Automated social media engagement is possible through websites like Buffer and HootSuite. They put your social media marketing on autopilot, and when you are consistently in the face of your social media audience, your traffic improves.

2 – Ask for the Share, Like, Retweet

Give your followers a call to action. If someone enjoys some content you share on Facebook or Twitter, they will be very receptive to sharing that content. Tell them exactly what to do, and you enjoy a greater possibility of improved traffic from Shares, Likes, Retweets, Repins, etc..

3 – Make Social Media Sharing Simple

Your blog or website should provide a simple means of sharing your content. This means adding social media sharing buttons and plug-ins to all of your web properties, guaranteeing it is simple and quick for your readers to spread the word.

4 – Fill Out Your Profiles Completely

This may seem like common sense. However, many online business owners and entrepreneurs have incomplete social media profiles. Wherever you have the chance, tell people about yourself and your business, providing plenty of links back to your website or blog.

5 – Run a Contest or Giveaway

KingSumo is one company that will help you create and manage a successful giveaway or contest on social media websites. This single traffic driving strategy can result in significantly higher numbers of visitors to your site.

6 – Share Again!

Just because you share a blog post or new piece of content on Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t share it again later. Your prospects and followers on social media are not always logged in at the same time. This means that your content should be shared on all of the social media websites multiple times.

7 – Be Everywhere, and Be Consistent

Sign up for all of the largest social media sites, and those most relevant to your niche or market. Be everywhere, instead of just concentrating on Facebook and Twitter. You also need to provide consistent engagement and content. There are a lot of competitors out there, so you need prospects and followers to see you regularly providing information and engagement.

Having trouble posting on a regular basis? I can help! As as social media manager, I can create custom content that will help keep your business in front of your customers. Ask me about it today!