Learn Business Blogging Basics

Coming in November, 2016, learn Business Blogging Basics at the Merced College Business Resource Center in downtown Merced, Ca.

This one day class is perfect for the small business owner or entrepreneur that wants to be able to connect with followers and customers.

As an attendee, you will learn the basics about how to blog and why it is important for content marketing and website development for businesses today. Includes structure of posts, topic development, how to market your blog and more.

Learn Business Blogging Basics in Merced, CA |connectlinglocalbusiness.com

Learn Business Blogging Basics in Merced

Understanding the concept of fresh content on your website is critical to keeping your customers eyes on your business. Blogging is a great way to reach out and connect with those people. Plus, it is helpful for SEO (search engine optimization) of your site too.

This class is a one day 3 hour class that will take place Friday, November 18, 2016. Send an employee or learn it yourself as a business owner.

Questions? Contact me or the Business Resource Center. Claim your spot soon! Space is limited!

It’s Back to School Time for Business Too

It is back to school time! The parents are ready. The kids, probably not so much! But learning is what we do and we are primed for it from a very young age.

It's Back to School Time for Business Too

August is a huge time of year for retailers. Back to school means big bucks in terms of sales and money making promotions. August is also the perfect time for you to get back to school with your business learning too. Have you been putting off diving into social media with your business? Maybe you have been vacillating about starting a blog or building a website to promote your products. Maybe you want to learn more about seo and need help tweaking your business site.

What is stopping you from learning something new and making changes?

If you need help with your business, learning something new, keeping up with the changes in your industry as well as the online business environment is the place to start. If you are looking for help with changes you want to implement, maybe I can help. I offer a range of business services that are structured to help you with many small business tasks and needs from social media to writing.

Back to school is a wonderful time to get ready for the upcoming holiday push. It is like what our ABC’s have told us over the years Always Be Learning

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How a Ghostwriter Can Help Your Content Marketing

The winds may be changing when it comes to social marketing and content marketing. More and more companies are seeing that the two must go hand in hand to succeed in increasing the traffic and conversion rates needed for a successful campaign. Sharing thoughtful well planned articles, tips, and industry information is helpful not only to your customers, but also to your website.

Many businesses, especially the smaller ones that may be a solo entrepreneur, find time is a huge constraint to do it all. A freelance ghostwriter is someone that can help you manage your online marketing efforts. Here is how.

How a Ghostwriter Can Help Your Content Marketing

How a Ghostwriter Can Help Your Content Marketing

1) Research and outline your topics
2) Apply seo methods to the article creation
2) Write and publish your articles
3) Publish your articles to social media channels
4) Publish your articles to newsletters
5) Update each website page with seo practices
6) Update images with seo information

And this is just getting you started. There are a lot of practices that can help improve your site through content marketing and management of the information. A freelance ghostwriter with knowledge in seo can be a huge ally for your small business. Most websites and businesses start seeing results within a few weeks.

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