15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year

We’re getting ready to enter new year and chances are you are probably sitting down to plan how your business will change and evolve. Maybe you noticed that things have gotten stale or off track. Maybe you need some more energy and direction.

It’s not uncommon for a business to go through ups and downs. Whether it is due to a lack of focus for you or you may have kind of lost your drive and passion. Don’t stress. It happens. The good thing is there are ways you can find that passion again and re-energize your business.

Take a look at some of these tips as you’re doing your planning for the new year. What can you implement to make a difference?

15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year - Connecting Local Business

15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business for the New Year

  • Make a list of past clients and check in with them
  • Book a seminar
  • Buy a motivational business book, read it, and institute a change
  • Re-read and review your original business plan
  • Review last year goals and institute a project
  • Find a networking group or mixer to attend
  • Book an hour with a coach
  • Connect with a mentor and evaluate your goals
  • Refresh your website
  • Take a class and improve your skills
  • Add a new service to your business your clients need
  • Connect with other small business owners and form a referral group
  • Evaluate your competitors to see what they’re doing well or not so great
  • Ask current clients to evaluate your business and service
  • Take a three day vacation and do some soul-searching for more direction

There are many different ways to invigorate your business again. These 15 ideas are often thought of but not often implemented. We tend to just go on about our business day in and day out.

Sometimes that’s old and boring and that’s why we get stale in our business. Do something out of the ordinary and have fun. That’s on my agenda for the new year.

If you need help instituting new processes for your content marketing or social media, I can help. Lets’s talk.

Top Tips to Boost Local Traffic to Your Site

I love working with small business owners. Many of them are entrepreneurs, bootstrappers if you will. They either have a product or service and they work hard at developing their business online and offline.

I also see a big disconnect with some business owners. They may have a website but it looks the same as it did when they had it built and it has been very ineffective in bringing business to their door.

If this sounds familiar, there are some things you need in order to pump up that traffic, bring people in the doors, and fill those seats. Your website should be working hard for your business and be a big part of your marketing efforts.

Top Tips to Boost Local Traffic to Your Site

Top Tips to Boost Local Traffic to Your Site

Make sure to include local contact information on your website

Place it in your header or your footer. These two sections are seen on every single page of your site. It makes it simple for people to find your address and phone number, or whatever local contact you have. Don’t rely on just a Contact Me page. People want quick and easy, immediate results when they’re looking for you.

Immediately sign up for a Google My Business account.

This is a feature that Google offers for business owners that will give you a Google Plus page as well as the ability to offer a review feature, post images about your business, add a map to your site and many other important details.

Start utilizing social media channels

Use those social media posts to drive people to your website where they can sign up for your emails, receive discounts, read blog posts, product tips, product information etc. Focus on one or two social sites that will bring you the most traffic and be extremely consistent posting and engaging with your followers. Post several times a day, every day, for the best engagement.

Be found locally at events

Start joining and using networking groups, chamber events, street fairs, and other local events. Make sure to include your website on every piece of marketing that you do. Always remember to include a call to action and send them to your site on everything you hand out or sponsor.

Maximize your website landing page

For traditional advertising, whether it’s newspaper ads, radio spots or other, use your website as a landing page and create a special page for each promotion. That way you can know what advertising piece was more effective through tracking.

Make sure to install Google Analytics

This will help you track your website hits and conversions. It also will give you key words that people are finding you with so that you can better utilize them and incorporate them into your website.

Use Local Keywords

Make sure your website includes local search words for your area. Otherwise known as SEO keywords, these would be specific to your business.

Using top tips like these you’re going to start to increase the amount of your local traffic. Be extremely consistent in your posting on social media, when blogging, and also when updating your website. The fresher your content, the higher you rank in the search results. That is a key item for bringing the traffic to your site.

Need help to boost local traffic? A site audit and a social media audit will help to see how well your business is developing on the Internet. Contact me for your one-on-one appointment.

4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing

I work a lot with small business owners that have a storefront. They’re finding themselves in the uncomfortable situation where online business is now becoming the norm. The Main Street brick-and-mortar is finding it difficult to compete since they are behind the eight ball in terms of marketing online.

I also hear a lot of the frustration about marketing online from both local business owners and online business owners because they don’t understand how it can work for them. It turns out many of them don’t have the necessary tools set up so they can market effectively to drive business and compete online.

There are some must-have tools that you will need to make it work. So let’s talk about the four cornerstones to effective online marketing.

4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing - ConnectingLocalBusiness.com

4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing


Every business needs to start with the website. This is the fundamental beginning to any type of online marketing, contact, and sales. All business on the Internet will circle around your website. Your website needs to be SEO friendly as well as mobile friendly for the best results.


Many people disagree about the fact that a blog connected to your website is a critical cornerstone of online business. But what a blog does is allow you to create fresh content on a daily or weekly basis that is speaking directly to your target market. It allows you to then share that information. Plus it acts as a catalyst for the search engines, if your SEO is done properly. They want fresh content continually!

Social Media

Social media is an extension of our website and the conversations we have with our target market. You can take fresh content that you have shared on your website and blog then share it to your social media channels. You can converse easily with people and potential customers. You get to know them and they get to know who you are both as a business and personally.

Email List

A critical component in the cornerstones is your list. An email list allows you to speak directly to those that are interested in your business and that want to know what’s going on on a daily or weekly basis. You can teach, inform and drive sales easily through your email list because people already trust you and want to know what’s new and exciting.

THe Cycles of the 4 Cornerstones to Effective Online Marketing - ConnectingLocaBusiness.com

These four cornerstones work together to help you create a solid and effective marketing plan. One should not work without the other. They are in fact like a circle.

The website drives the marketing list. The blog helps to drive social media. Social media points back to the website to continually fill the email list.

So if you don’t know where to start, I can help. We can start with a plan to get these for cornerstone stones in place and start driving your online marketing. Let’s talk today to get your business on track!