5 Easy Tips for SEO in Business Blogging

When I talk to people about blogging for business and search engine optimization one of the first things that comes into the discussion is how to be found on page one of the search engine results. While it’s nice to think that we can all rise to the top of the search engine results pages, reality is that it can be a difficult journey, unless there’s are certain factors involved in your blog.

Google and the other search engines continually update their search algorithms and so there’s never a guarantee that your blog or website will be in the top results for a particular keyword.

However, if you utilize some of the main features in search engine optimization your results may be a bit more positive than what you may be seeing today.

With that in mind I wanted to share with you five easy tips for SEO in your business blogging blogging that may help improve your results.

5 Easy Tips for SEO in Business Blogging

5 Easy Tips for SEO in Business Blogging

  1.  You must blog on a regular basis. Whether that is once or twice a week or once or twice a month, the consistency is the key here.
  2.  The content that you write must be in correlation to the topic of your site. It also needs to include a healthy discussion of the topic. That doesn’t mean 200 or 300 words. That means you need to fully discuss your topic at 400 to 500 words plus.
  3.  Make sure you use keywords in your titles within the body of the post and also within the images that you are using. Choose one or two main key words per article and include them in the key areas I mentioned in point 2.
  4.  Make your blog post easy-to-read using smaller sentences, header titles, and include bullet points or numbered lists. This makes it easy to read and scan for your reader. As we know most people scan articles today so give them the info that they want in and easy to read manner.
  5.  Include linking within your article to other posts that may interest your reader and correlate to the topic you’re writing about. You want your reader engaged in your topic and your blog so as to lead them to other articles of interest that will benefit them and also keep them on your site for a longer time. Offering articles and blog post the value is always important in SEO.

These five tips to help improve your business blogging as long as you are consistent and include these each time you write and publish.

For more tips like this, sign up for my emails and let me know what difficulties you’re having with your business blog. I am always here to help improve the effectiveness of your blog and website. Let me know how I can help your business.


Learn Web Development and Online Marketing for Business

If you are a small business owner then you know how tough it can be to learn how to market your business online today. With so many tools and new things you need to know, frankly it can be overwhelming.

I am delighted to share with you a 9 hour, 3 day class that you can take in person. Taught at Merced Community Services Workplace Business Resource Center through Merced College, this class is a way that you can get caught up on everything you need to know to market and effectively increase the visibility of your business.

Learn Web Development and Online Marketing for Business Merced Ca. | connectinglocalbusiness.com

Web Development and Online Marketing for Business

As a class attendee, you will learn to develop an online marketing strategy to increase visibility for your business by learning to use tools such as blogging, social media marketing, mobile marketing tools, pay per click, link building, and website development through search engine optimization (SEO).

Perfect for the small business owner, new or experienced, that is looking to learn tools to improve knowledge needed to market online.

Enroll yourself or an employee! Classes start in September and are held in Merced. If you are in Atwater, Livingston, Turlock, Mariposa, or surrounding areas, consider enrolling in this class.

With business heading more towards online marketing and ecommerce sales, this class will help you learn and understand these concepts and how they can work for your business.

Questions? Contact me or the Business Resource Center! See you in September!

It’s Back to School Time for Business Too

It is back to school time! The parents are ready. The kids, probably not so much! But learning is what we do and we are primed for it from a very young age.

It's Back to School Time for Business Too

August is a huge time of year for retailers. Back to school means big bucks in terms of sales and money making promotions. August is also the perfect time for you to get back to school with your business learning too. Have you been putting off diving into social media with your business? Maybe you have been vacillating about starting a blog or building a website to promote your products. Maybe you want to learn more about seo and need help tweaking your business site.

What is stopping you from learning something new and making changes?

If you need help with your business, learning something new, keeping up with the changes in your industry as well as the online business environment is the place to start. If you are looking for help with changes you want to implement, maybe I can help. I offer a range of business services that are structured to help you with many small business tasks and needs from social media to writing.

Back to school is a wonderful time to get ready for the upcoming holiday push. It is like what our ABC’s have told us over the years Always Be Learning

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