How to Use a Widget in Your WordPress Template

As you know, WordPress is a blog that can function as a website that offers a lot of flexibility over a custom built site. With a custom build site, you will have extra expenses in tech assistance for building the site, the design, and the upkeep over a long term basis. But with WordPress, you have a stable web design platform that is similar to Word on steroids – well sort of :).

This template program allows you to create a simple or detailed design depending on your needs. One of the functions that is available to help expand the versatility of the design is called a Widget. No, we are not talking about some metal thing-a-majiggy. This is an expansion portion of each template that you can choose to use or not.

Here are some tips on How to Use a Widget in Your WordPress Template

How to Use a Widget in Your WordPress Template

The Widget is built into each template and they work along the side bars – left or right – on your site as well as expanding the footer – the bottom section on the site. These allow you to customize the look and feel of your site easily. They simply slide into place and you move then up or down to place them where you need them.

In your WordPress dashboard, you will see a section called Appearance and within that section you will see the word Widgets. If you click on that it will open to where the widget options are for your blog.

Each template has different options that are built in the function. The main ones that are normally always available will be Categories, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Search, RSS Feed, Text so you can create your own, plus many others too. You move them accordingly into labeled section in the dashboard. It will normally say something like Primary Sidebar, Secondary Sidebar, Footer 1 or something similar.

On this site, all of the area on the right side section and the lower footer area were all built using Widgets. They are simple to use and by moving around the ones you like, you can create a nice looking, easy to read site.

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Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Small Business

When you are first starting out with a blog or creating your website, having a nice theme can really make it more readable and enjoyable for those that come to the site. Choosing the right WordPress theme for your small business can be tricky if you are not sure what to look for. Thankfully, most themes come with a preview that you can check out before committing.

Here are some tips on what to look for in your new WordPress theme.

Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Small Business

Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Small Business

* Choose a theme that is clean and not overly cluttered with posts. Stay away from the magazine styles or multiple reading/post columns. They are more difficult to read and very busy looking.

* Look for a theme that has a lot of white space behind the writing for easy reading. The easier your posts are to read, the more people will stick around and read them.

* Graphics and images are important on the internet so you can look for a theme that has larger image space or optional sliders that rotate your pictures. If you are not using a lot of images but you like the theme, most of the image rotators can be disabled.

* Look for a theme that is simple and not overly complex to use. Many themes can get very detailed and confusing for a new user. Check out the live demo of a new theme before buying to see if it is something you can manage. If it is free, you can upload it and install it temporarily to see if it will work for you.

* Look for soothing colors and a pleasing font for your text that will make your site friendly and welcoming. You want your readers to stick around, read your posts and click through.

* Ask for help! Ask your webmaster for help in selecting a theme that works for you and your business. Or ask a friend to help by temporarily installing on on your site.

It can take a few templates before you find just the right one. Don’t be afraid to try new ones so you can see the functions and know if it is something that you can comfortably work with.

Being able to enhance and use your WordPress theme to is maximum potential is what a theme is meant to do. You can have a great looking site easily by choosing the right theme for your business.

The Difference in WordPress Blog Platforms and Choosing The Best for Your Business

Once you make the decision to start a blog for business, you will soon realize that there are many different platforms. So how do you decide what to use and what is going to work best for your business? The first thing you need to decide is how you are going to use a blog.

The Difference in WordPress Blog Platforms and How to Choose the Right One for Your Business |

For business owners, using a blog is an awesome way to connect with clients and potential new clients. There are free versions of blogs that can be used and there are blog platforms that are considered to be “paid” but that is because of what is needed to run the blog. WordPress actually has two versions of their blogging format: a free version that is found under and the “paid” version found under (the paid portion is just your hosting fees and your url name fees – so very nominal cost) So which is best for your business?

WordPress was developed for several reasons, hence the 2 different versions. is mainly used for non commercial use. It is meant for general, personal blogging. Ads and any type of selling is not allowed on the .com platform. There is a limited amount of customization that you can do to a .com site as well.

For business and any type of commercial usage, the .org site is the only professional way to go. While it is a “paid” version, it is still extremely affordable and it gives a huge array of extensive modifications that can be added to create more than a blog. You can create a website that reflects you and your business.

What causes to be considered a “paid” option is that you must provide hosting for the domain. unlike the .com site that is hosted for you on the WordPress servers, using the .org install allows you to Own that website completely. You can therefore build whatever type of business site you want. ECommerce, blog, Info based, you name it.

Blogging for business using is an affordable way to get your business online and the best choice for a beautiful site. Stick around and we can help you get your business online and moving forward.