Look to Your Competition for Your Local Business Improvement

People hate competition, especially when you’re a small-business owner. Perhaps in a small town competition can be tough. But giving in and giving up to your competition is never the answer. However, there are ways that using the competition can actually help your business. Why not look to your competition to improve your own local business?

How do you do that?

One of the first things you have to do is be brutally honest about your business’s issues. Are you missing out on certain functions that you should be doing? What do you know you need to improve to grow your business? Make a list and be ready for some change.

Look to Your Competition for Your Local Business Improvement

Look to Your Competition for Your Local Business Improvement

There are many ways to look at what your competition is doing, either good or bad,to make positive changes in your own business. Here’s a list of things you might want to look at:

  • Social Media
    Are they using it? If so, are they using it well?
    What types of things do they post?
    How often do they post?
    Are the interacting with their customer?
    Where are they located on social media?
    How often do they post on each social media channel?
  • Website
    Do they have a website?
    Is it updated often?
    Do they use a blogging function? If so, what are they writing about?
    Do they share that information on social media or do they just write it and forget it?
    Do they post often or once in awhile?
    Do they have clear, crisp images?
    Is their site mobile friendly?
    Is the site pleasing to the eye with fresh updates to the theme?
  • Local advertising
    Do they use it?
    What formats do they use?
    How often do they use it?
    Do they use paid advertisement on social media? If so, what sites and what type of engagement are they getting?
  • Products
    Do they have the same products all the time?
    Do they freshen and bring in new items on a regular basis?
    What’s the pricing like? Are you competitive?
    How do they package their goods?
    What are the surroundings like? Decor; Little things that make a difference in the shop.

These are just some things off the top of my head. You can certainly do a more in-depth review of what your competitor is doing online and offline to determine what’s missing in your business. Maybe you’re doing things better than they are. Maybe you’re not doing things as good as they could be.

I’m not saying that you have to change something and do it like they are exactly, but if there is room for improvement or they are marketing in a way that’s more effective, perhaps it’s something you want to look at for your own local business.

Be open for improvements if need be, and always be open to improve and change your strategy.

Have you done a competitive market analysis before? How has it helped your business?

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Media Tips for Increasing Visibility in Your Local Business

As a small business in your local community, you know how difficult it can be to be noticed and increase your business. We set goals each month, quarter and even yearly to inspire and motivate us to reach out to our customers and increase business. We work on new products and new methods of delivery for ads. But something is just not working the way we want.

So what can we do to make sure the effort we are putting into our business is worth it?

There are some steps you need to make sure you have down that will help with your media exposure, be it the exposure you do yourself through social media or print media. Check these out.

Media Tips for Increasing Visibility in Your Local Business

Media Tips for Increasing Visibility in Your Local Business

  • Know Your Target Market – Every business is different and has a different target. Make sure that your target market does not include everyone because that is not realistic. Study your customer base. Use analytics to determine who your message is reaching and customize your message to that group
  • Be Unique and Keep your Niche Narrow – People love uniqueness in a business and in people. Even if you have many items or products, look for the uniqueness and narrow niche for your business and market from that angle.
  • Become Newsworthy – What are you doing in your business that is unique and newsworthy? Tell people!
  • Be an Expert in Your Industry – You should know your business inside out and be willing to share information, tips, expertise and more. Be the go-to for your industry by being visible and available.
  • Press Releases Work When Applicable – Being newsworthy can also be spread by using press releases. With online and offline methods of distribution, you can reach people you may not reach in other methods.
  • Connect and Converse – Be available to connect with and get to know your customers, followers on social media, and other small business owners. It helps people get to know who you are. People buy from people, especially in a small market!

Take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts with these media tips to help improve your visibility in the marketplace.

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How to Plan Your Social Media Campaign

As a local or small business on the internet, you know that business and competition can be tough. The question I hear most often from my clients is how do I get found on the internet and how can I increase my visibility. One way that is becoming very effective is through the use of social media.

How to Plan Your Social Media Campaign

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Social Media is here to stay. For those of you that may be groaning right now, know that fighting against it may, in fact, hinder your business in the long run. Embracing it and making it work for you is how you can win the battle.

Here is what we know

* Social Media Works
* It lets people get to know you and your business
* It keeps your name in from of you customers and potential customers
* It keeps your business interesting
* But you must have a plan

How to Plan Your Social Media Campaign

Where to Start

* Choose a social media channel you enjoy
* Start with 1 or 2 max, until you are comfortable
* Use a calendar of engagement – When to post and what you will post
* Stick to it

So how do I make sure it will work for me? Check out these thoughts

How to Be Successful

* Know that people want to see engaging posts
* They want to have fun and be entertained
* They want information
* You have to be consistent
* You can share others posts and info for more engagement
* Become a resource for others through your posts and images
* Track your results and adjust as needed

It is not hard to find your niche. Images are powerful tools and need to be incorporated with as many social media posts as possible. Especially when using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Twitter is not as image heavy but it is becoming that way too.

Take the time to promote your business through the power of social media. Plan your calendar, plan your posts and have fun!