Connecting Local Business – Your Solution to Web Content and Presence

Connecting Local Business - Your Solution to Web Content and Presence

Do you wonder how to compete with those that seem to be flourishing on the internet?

Do you ever think about what is missing from your business that other businesses do well?

As a business owner, you know how hard it is to keep business flowing through your doors. You may be stuck between deciding whether to have another sale where you end up losing profits or investing in high dollar advertising – or Both! You know the pressure of being between a rock and a hard place and it is not easy in this economy.

But there are other options that can bring different people to your door. New clients that like to harness the internet and love to shop online.

These options are affordable and will open the doors to new and exciting communication with your perfect customer.

At Connecting Local Business, I can help you and your business market online with cost effective means. Here are several things that I can do for you and your business!

* Teach you how to reach your customers where they are at – Mobile Connections
* Show you how to connect with your customers through Social Media – easily
* Train you and your team to keep your website fresh and engaging for best results – SEO Tips
* Show you how to use WordPress for your website – in easy to understand terms with no coding necessary
* Help you add custom content using specific copy, articles, and images for your website and social media – stand out in the marketplace

I can do this and more – locally in your office, if you are in the Central Valley, Bay Area, or surrounding NorCal areas – or via the web anywhere in the USA.

What can you do Right Now to start your change?

* Join the newsletter for tips and tricks on blogging for business, web content, social media tips, and many other small business tips.

* Read the blog posts and start your journey on bringing your business to the web – or improving its presence.

* Set up a consultation and audit of your website and social media with me to see where you need to focus your online marketing efforts!

My focus and passion is to help you succeed! Let’s get started today!